Friday, December 21, 2012

Glasses USA Review

Good Morning Lovelies!
I am going to share with a wonderful review I got to have recently. I was emailed by to try out their site and look at their eyeglasses. I feel in love with so many I had a horrible trying to figure out what I wanted. So what is nice about GlassesUSA? They have designer glasses at a WONDERFUL price and you can try them on in the virtual mirror feature. Which if you are like me you have to see the glasses on your face before making a decisions  I have a small face frame... and it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I finally started finding adult glasses to fit my face. 
Yes I was a proud owner of Hannah Montana glasses for awhile .. Laugh! I still do but it was hard for me to find glasses to fit my face without them looking over powering on my face. So what I loved was the virtual mirror, I tried on so many! Go ahead and try it even if you don't wear prescription glasses you can order sunglasses!
Now I actually ended up getting two pairs.... The first pair I thought looked great on me when I tried them on... I was a little worried about getting them right after I ordered them. But then I when I received them I was NOT happy with them at all. 
Here I am wearing them... what do you all think? 
I like them but then again... NOT REALLY AT ALL!

THEY be BiG!

What I loved with GlassesUSA is the customer service ... they helped me out.... I give them 120% our of 100%. Yes, the customer service is amazing. If you know me well enough, I am huge about customer service. Working with guests at work and then being in retail as long as I have makes me this way. You don't  make sure my drink is full I will leave a bad tip. Sorry! I've been a waitress and you need to stay on top of things. Right? 
Well anyway back to my point. I was able to get another pair and I have fallen in love with me new pair.

Sorry for the bad picture, I was being lazy and didn't want to pull out my camera... but My glasses have bling on them!!!! Got to love the bling!

I love them! 
If you want to order the same pair head on over, they are called Stripes or click on the link>>> Stripes the glasses.

You can even find someone close to your face frame and try them on. They have a few faces to choose from. Or you can also use your face. 

Now the glasses took no time to get here, only about a week. Super fast and you will get an email when they start working on your glasses and when they get shipped.

WONDERFUL service. I know I will be back to order more soon. I love glasses, it's the one way I feel I can show off my personality. 
Now if you want to buy glasses head on over and find a pair and you can use this code Blog10 and receive 10% off your order.

This review is 100% my opinion. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas... I will be taking a little blogging break for a little while. Not sure when I will be back just yet.. PLEASE stay around. Promise I will be back :)



Diane Higdon said...

Love the new glasses...I even like the big ones. I know exactly how it is to look for glasses. I just started wearing them a year ago, and my frames broke a couple of weeks ago. They were under warranty, but the Dr. thought I should go ahead and get tested since it had been a year. So I got a new frame along with the warranted one. I am glad to read about Glasses USA as I would be willing to order online. Thanks for the review, and wear those glasses proudly!!!! :) They really do look cute on you.

Christopher Redl said...

GlassesUSA is a terrible, dishonest company that you should not endorse. I bought a pair that did not fit but there is no facility to return them despite claims of 100% money back guarantee. Just try contact them regarding returns, no email response for months, no one answers phones. Moreover they say in the fine print that only a maximum of 80% will be refunded due to refitting despite plastering 100% money back guarantee all over the site. I have had a horrible experience; just search GlassesUSA returns reviews and you'll see there are many people who've had the same disaster.

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