Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You have a question?! Go Ahead Ask ME

I am off to the Zoo today. So excited... I have lived in Utah for 2 years now and I am just now getting the chance to  go. Today I am giving you all a fun little post...

So I found this neat idea over at Owen's Olivia. Today you can ask my anything! It can be as many questions as you want to ask. Promise I will reply yo everyone :) You like this idea? Go ahead steal it, Owen's Olivia let me :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Show & Tell :Panty Liner aka Mama Pad Tutorial

This is a huge step for me, I have gone back and forth with wanting to share this with everyone.
I have read this probably about 5 times a day.
It all came about maybe a year and half ago now. Rose was cloth diapering Gigi and she was showing me all the cute diapers she had made and how stinking cute Gigi looked in them. After her sending me a bunch of information about it {which I saved for the day I have kids} I started looking around on some of the blogs and noticed that some of the moms made thier own pads and panty liners. So I looked into it. Now the more and more I read, the more I was wanting to give this a try.
If you don't mind, I am going to take you back in time, I have had some issues ever since the day I started my period.
I was "bleeding" too much to the point I was passing out. I have had test after test and there has never really been answers for me. They put me on birth control to regulate my system to see if it would help... it did but it didn't. I was still having issues with passing out. Its bad when you know when your getting ready to go and you brace yourself for a fall. The last time {knock on wood} I have passed out was this past February {2012}. The last few times I have been home alone and it was so scary for me. Andrew was at work and my mom was all the way in Illinois. She has always been around for every pass out episode. I was in tears over it and couldn't believe it happened with me by myself. Thank goodness I had Rose and Kayla here, Rose was only about 5 minutes away, and Kayla is right around the corner. I knew I could call one of them if I needed. :) {thanks ladies!}
Now some of you are probably thinking  have you had your iron checked? Yes and it is no where near being too low. I am actually right where it needs to be, if not a little over.
Now here I am and its August and I have not had an episode since! :)
Back to the panty liner aka Mama Pad..... After some research and wanting to make my own, and lots of talking back and forth with Rose, we both made our own. {This is actually her pattern}

Okay, I hope your not getting disgusted. But let me tell you... I have felt so much better!

 Here is a link that made me look into this a lot more. I was amazed at what I read. I pretty much had my mind made up after reading this.
Now did you click on her link? If not check this out!
Do you know what your looking at? Click on the link below the picture and it will tell you!

Crazy right? Well after I saw this picture I was off to my sewing machine and ready to make my own pads/ panty liners aka Mama Pads!!

So I do make my own "pads" too. I wasn't going to spill the beans about it.
But it slipped, oh well!
I don't always wear my homemade pads. I use them at "home", if I am out and about or traveling I do use the disposable ones. Except my panty liners. I always used to use Always, and now I use Kotex. But its all your own opinion or just whats on SALE at that time. Right?

There is places out there that you can buy your own. Check out Etsy, I looked there to see how the shapes were. I have noticed that they are called Mama Pads.
Also check out you tube for videos. Love You Tube!
If you want to make your own, Let me know.
If I get enough response I Show & Tell you all how I make my "pads". Its easy!

Also, when you cloth diaper and or use homemade "pads". You will want to have what they call a wet bag. I will Show & Tell you how I made one. It keeps the Oder in and not OUT!
There is so many uses for a wet bag. Swimming is one! Keeps the wet suits away from the dry items.
You will also need to wash them like cloth diapers. I did research and like what one mom did with hers. She has a bucket, or you can use a Tupperware with a lid and keep cold water in it, She lets them soak in there, till its time to wash them, then throws it all into the washer. Do research there is so many ways to {clean} them. Tons of laundry detergent soaps too. I know Rose used, and I have too, Rockin" Green Laundry Detergent. They have samples so you can try all the different kinds they have.
I hope I haven't sacred you away from my blog. This is just all 100%  my personal opinion.

Well here is the tutorial!
Before I get started: Rose and I have used Velcro in the past {for the wing closure} and when you move in certain ways you can feel it scrap across your leg. Its not horrible... I still use the ones with Velcro.
But we both use snaps on any new ones we make.

Update: I got the pattern to scan!
Click here to print out the pattern>>>> PATTERN FOR PAD

If you are unable to print:
Lets make a pattern. Start my getting a strong paper {like card stock or poster board}. You will then want to find a "panty liner" and trace that. Then Trace it again and free hand wings on either side. 
If you have a pad that has wings.. measure the inches across and use that as a reference.  When Rose made this pattern she just traced a panty liner she had.

Now, cut it out. {I traced mine on a thick magazine cover}
You will need two layers of fleece and one layer of flannel.

You will trace and cut out the body of your pad, on the fleece.
Then trace and cut out one layer of flannel, the main pad piece.

With both layers of fleece together, do an overcasting stitch all the way around.

Then you will want to put the one layer of flannel on top of the fleece and do a zigzag stitch all the way around.

Your almost done!

Mark where you want your snaps to be.

Hammer your snaps on!

Now wasn't that simple!
Now do you want to see how I make my other "pads"?
Also, I will be doing a tutorial on my Wet Bag. SOON!

Serenity you

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My New Gadget!

It has been a couple weeks since I got this most wonderful gift! - I still want to share it with ya'll.

I had to work a later shift, and I checked my phone as soon as I clocked out... I had a text from Andrew that said.... "I bought you a present." 
As I am trying to think what he had gotten me... I honestly thought I had McDonalds sitting at home for me. If you know me well, I LOVE MCDONALDS! I always get the 2 cheeseburger meal, YUM. {That sounds good now.} Or I was thinking a little stereo for my craft room. Since, I did take his out of the garage.
Nope, I come home and I'm looking around, and sure enough this was sitting on the counter waiting for me!!

He got me A KINDLE FIRE!!!

He sure surprised me! Never thought I would come home to a Kindle Fire. 
I actually had this on my Christmas list.
Isn't she pretty?

Well this give me a sewing project to make!
Can you guess what I am going to make?

YUP a cover!
Tutorial coming soon!!!!

So first things first, find a book you want to download. 
Can you say Craft Maniac... My first book I download was a craft book.
P.S. - I made this...

When I was looking to buy this book off the shelf, it was about $18 at
On the kindle $3.99! So worth it too. 

Do you have a Kindle? Whats your favorite thing about yours?

Hope you all have a wonderful WEDNESDAY!