Monday, March 25, 2013

Faith ~ Family ~ Friends

I am going to make this a simple post. As it isn't going to be easy for me.
As you all can see my blog has been changed.... Sarah @ All Things Blogs is helping me with a new design. In the meantime this is what I will have, hope you like it. :)

In the last month, I have been through a lot....
Went through a break up, packed all my things up in one day (with help from friends) and moved out of Utah back to Illinois. (Huge thanks to everyone that helped make that happen)
I left a lot of wonderful things behind, mostly great and wonderful friends!
It's funny how you get stronger going through tough situations. Also, how you discover who your "true" friends are. No matter what choices you have made in your life, or what you did. Your "true" friends will always be by your side and accept you for who you are. 
I learned just that, this past month.
I also have brought my love of God back into my life. 

I moved back to IL February 24th, it has been just a month for me now. With in the first week of being back... My parents had to put our beloved Tessa (farm dog) down. Such a hard day more for my poor mom... Then I believe it was not even two days later that we lost my Grandma Kaluf.
Not even a week back and things weren't going as I hoped.

Things have since turned around and I am back to work, at job that I am enjoying!
Still miss a lot of my wonderful friends, but not a day goes by that I don't talk to them.

Below is some pictures I would like to share with y'all.

This wreath was hanging in my Grandma's sister house, and I want to make one like this just maybe in Zebra! I've made a few mesh wreaths... and never thought about doing one like this just to hang in the home. 
Craft project for a raining day!

Now, I was given my Grandma's wedding band. It sure means a lot to me to have received this. 
Her fingers were so tiny.... It only would fit my pinkie, but I wanted to wear it all that weekend. I wear a 5.5 on my ring finger this had to be like a 4.5. I can't wait to get it sized to fit one of my fingers.

Just the church where we had the service. It was such a pretty church!

This was a couple of picture boards I put together of some of the memories we all had with my Grandma.
I looked up to my Grandma and Papa very much, they had such a wonderful love for each other and I will always remember how Papa would cut a rose every morning for Grandma and put it in a vase on the table for her. (he loved his Rose garden)

This is a picture standing by my Grandma and Papa's resting place. So peaceful and just GORGEOUS!

Here is where they rest, My Papa was cremated and we held onto his ashes till the day Grandma would pass. They are buried here together, laughing and enjoying each others company again.

"A light from our family is gone 
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in the home
Which never can be filled

We have to mourn the lost of one
We would've loved to keep
But God who surely loved him best 
Has finally made him sleep
After a lifetime of his love and joy
And music to fill our ears
God leaves us with these wondrous memories
To help us with these tears"

Just some pictures of the beauty out in Virginia.

I love chickens and rooster!
Below you will see some of the chickens my family had. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope to be back to crafting soon! 
I have a lot of ideas running through my head.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm still here, Promise!

Hello everyone! I have been away AGAIN... but I will catch you all up to speed one of these days. A lot has happened in the last month or so for me. But I am back and can't wait to share all my ideas going through my head. So today I would just like to share some of my favorite posts... Hope you all stick around and continue to follow along with me. I heard that GFC is actually going out the door Waaaaa! But I do have a bloglovin, so make sure to follow me that way!

Talk to you all soon! Until next time enjoy these posts:

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Hope you enjoy some of my favorites, Have a wonderful week!

I'm so ready for Spring.