Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catching Up and Pickling Banana Peppers

Hello y'all!
I have been absent from my blog for quite some time now. My life has had some major changes and I feel I am just getting back to being myself again and enjoying life. You know those days when nothing seems to be going the way you want it to? Well I have had a year like that so far, not fun.
Thankfully, the last few weeks have been amazing for me. Life may throw you curve balls, but you always seem to get through them. No matter how long it takes, there is always good things to come, Right?!
So today, lets do a little catch up with what has been going on with my life. 
I have reconnected with a wonderful friend of mine, Ashley. She has a 4 year old son, and back in July I had helped her some with planning for his birthday party. It was a pirate theme, so what I ended up making is treasure chest out of a foam cooler. It was so fun and easy to make, spray paint, marker and gems with glitter added. Then I made him a banner with his name on it with wooden letters and different colors of long strips of fabric hanging down. It is now hanging in his room. Such a sweet young man, just like his mommy. 
Its crazy how you move and lose connection with people but no matter what, they are always there for you and will help you when you least expect it. That's a true friend!
We both missed each other and so happy to have each other back in our lives. 
August, now that month was here and then GONE! Where did it go? Plus side, FALL is almost here. I absolutely love fall, my favorite season by far. I have pulled most of my fall decor out and its almost harvest time. The best time of the year, hay rides, corn mazes, apple cider, the leaves changing colors, the nice cool weather, hoodies, scarves, boots, anything and everything that has the word pumpkin in it. Such as Pumpkin Spice! My list could just keep going.... Do you love Fall? If so whats your favorites part of this season?
As I have had some major ups and downs lately, I keep pushing along and I am so thankful for having my family by side the entire time. Along with two wonderful friends of mine :) 
You know who you are, Thanks Tremendously! 

Labor Day has been here and gone, sure crept up on us. 
What did you all do over Labor Day weekend? I felt like I had a lot going on, love being busy as you most know. My weekend started off by heading to my brothers and his girl friends home, with my friend Andrew. Alex (my brothers girlfriend) and I ended up making some Strawberry Tomato Jam. It was such a good smell, except when the tomatoes were simmering. We had kind of a fail, but that is because the recipe we were following didn't give us as many jars as we thought we would get. We ended with 4 1/2 half pint jars of the jam. Oh well, Alex made more the next day. After we were done with the jam that night we had pizza and ended up playing cards and just talking. It was a good time, much needed laughter for all of us. 
Saturday, I got up with mom and went to local farmers market. Love farmers markets, sadly that was the last one for the season, have to wait till next year now. Bummer! 
When we got home I ended up pickling more banana peppers, which I promise I am getting there to show you how to do this. :) I also ended up making over 50+ Zucchini Cornbread Muffins. Cornbread is so good, especially with honey and or butter. The next day, Sunday, I did have to work. Nice thing is that it is only for 3 hours on Sundays. After work, I went to a cookout and fireworks with my friend Andrew. We had a fun time, the fireworks were amazing. In fact we sat very close, this was in a friend of his backyard, and had to move at one point, well a few times, because the aftermath of the fireworks was falling on us.
The next morning, Monday, we ended up meeting my friend Dan. We all went flying in his plane, a Cessna. We flew to a city that is an hour drive away, which is a 15 minute flight, just to have breakfast. It was so much fun, I have lots of pictures and plan to share those with you all someday soon.
That night we had a cookout out with my parents. Andrew (my brother) Alex, Andrew (my friend) , Grandpa, me and my parents all had a great time. I love having family time, even when it's a big dinner. Plan to have more dinners like this, more often.
That was my weekend, hope you all had a wonderful one as well. 

Now that I am done blabbing, I am going to share with you a recipe that is so simple and was told to me by Alex. Do you like banana peppers? I do they are so good on pizza, in spaghetti sauce and much much more. This is how it is done!

Banana Peppers
(my last batch I got 25 peppers and this made about 4 pints)
White Vinegar
(cheap stuff will work)
Olive Oil
(get the good stuff)
(use anything you can find)
Cloves of Garlic

1. You will want to slice and dice your peppers. I would slice the stems off, then slice down the center and finally slice into small pieces. (picture above)

2. Add your peppers to the jar, pack it as tight as you can.

3. Add the White Vinegar, till its full. Let them sit for about 24 hours in the White Vinegar.
4. Dump the White Vinegar out, now you will add the Olive Oil.
5. Add the Oregano and a Clove of Garlic to each jar.
6. Let them sit for a little while, maybe about a day in the Oil, Oregano, and Garlic.

That's it! Enjoy your pickled peppers.
(There is no need to refrigerate them.)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

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