Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Times

Hope you are having a wonderful start to your New Year. I know I have had quite the start, and I couldn't be any happier with how it is all going. 
I may jump around a little bit...
This was my first Christmas home in about 4 years. It was great being able to with my family, and enjoy the traditions I have missed.  My brother and Alex were able to come back that day and open gifts with us and then we had a wonderful meal that I helped mom prepare. We did have few mishaps in the kitchen. One was when I was mixing the glaze for the ham, I some how got some of the glaze splattered on me and burnt the top on my hand. Then we got grease on the bottom of the oven and when I went to put the ham back in the oven, we had a little fire going. Thank goodness for baking soda! All and all it was a goof day. 
Sadly, that night we ended up taking my dad to the emergency room. He wasn't feeling well most of the day and seemed uncomfortable. But he didn't want to inconvenience anyone. Especially with it being Christmas he wanted to be with his family. It was rough on my mom, who didn't get home the next day until 3am and I was up till midnight hoping they were both coming home. I was lucky enough to have Scott (who you all will hear more about soon) come down and sit with me for awhile until I went to bed. Dad ended up spending a couple of nights in the hospital, after having a cat scan, x-rays and blood work, turns out he just had an infection in his lungs. He is still having to take it easy in the cold weather. I know we are all counting down the days until spring will be here. 

Are you wondering who Scott is yet?? Well he is a good friend of mines, Jen, brother. We were out one night together and she had taken my phone. Wasn't really sure what she was doing, until I realized she has sent a friend request to her bother on Facebook. I was mad, but she was also showing me pictures of him Got over  being mad and was like, okay she is trying to hook us up. The next morning I received a message saying, Do I know you? Well, we didn't know each other and I told him, well your sister sent the request, I didn't know Jen had a brother. (Thanks to Jen helping me figure out what to say.)Well we were non stop talking on facebook. Then there was a night I was with Alex and I looked at her and said enough with this facebook messaging. We both have phones, I am giving him my number. I got a text instantly. We still hadn't meet officially yet, but we talked all the time. He did end up taking a Saturday off work to come out to my place and watch a bull riding event. It was fun, and we slowly started seeing each other a little more. After seeing each other a few more times and lot of texting. Feelings for each other started to grow stronger, we both felt the same towards each other. We were able to spend New Years eve together, it was a great time. We hung with some great friends of mine, played poker ate lots of food and laughed. Our first kiss was out New Years kiss... Then later on that day we were both talking and I was feeling it was time to take the next step. We made it official, boy friend and girl friend. :) I have never been so happy, and I know he hasn't either. Its the little things that he does, the text before I head home from work, be careful driving the weather is getting bad. Or do you want me to bring you some lunch? 
Always tell me I'm beautiful and amazing, which he is handsome and amazing too. I am his baby girl!
Only down fall with us, is that he works nights and then I work days. So it makes it hard to see each other during the week. But we make it work. his birthday was this month and we were able to spend time together. But I also got to meet his mom that day too, dinner at her house. She is very nice, can't wait to get to know her more. Scott likes shrimp, so his mom had prepared pasta with shrimp and some Red Lobster rolls. It was mighty good, along with ice cream cake, Scott's favorite. Then this past Monday I meet his dad. I was nervous in the beginning to meet him. Doesn't matter if you are the boy or girl in a relationship. Dads can be intimidating, but his dad was very nice. We ended up celebrating Scott's and Jens birthday that night. We had pizza and ice cream cake. Then Scott came back to the house for awhile. I'm sure I will meet more of his family soon, I hear his aunt wants to meet me know. He is a wonderful man, always makes me smile, I couldn't have asked for a better start to my year. 
My birthday is in two weeks, I will be 29. Kind of dreading it, as one more year and I will be 30. Oh well, life will go on and I can't wait to spend the day with Scott. 
This is where my life is at the moment, can't wait to see what else this year has to bring. 

Scott and I, December 2013

Girls just wanna have FUN, December 2013

Caught! Alex trying to photo bomb us. December 2013

Brittney, Jen, Alex and I, December 2013

Our favorite picture together, New Years 2014

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